The climate of Mount Olympus is differentiated in relation to elevation, aspect and proximity to the sea. In generally the lower parts (elevation below 1000m) are characterized by Mediterranean type climate, while the upper mountain (elevation above 2000m) demonstrates different climatic characteristics with the intermediate zone being characterized as temperate. The snowfields are present throughout the year in the relict glacial valley of Megala Kazania and during cool and wet summers in other deep shadow valleys as well.  

Data derived from the meteorological station located on Agios Antonios summit operated by the Meteorology Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and spanning more than a decade of observations (1979 - 1989), suggest that the average annual precipitation (rainfall and snowfall) is in the order of 2000mm, while winter temperatures range between -25οC and +5οC and summer temperatures range between 0οC και 18οC respectively. More extreme values have been recorded both during winter and during summer months. In terms of frequency distribution, western winds have the highest values with southerlies, easterlies and north eastern and north western winds demonstrating successively smaller values. The highest recorded wind speeds occurred during southerlies a results of great pressure variations over the Aegean Sea, their speed reaching more than 120km/h.

Weather forecasting for Mount Olympus is provided by many websites. Following a 10-year experience of calibrating the forecasts provided by many institutions we site the most accurate ones based on objective on-site monitoring. Websites are listed from a regional to the local scale, the combination of which can greatly aid potential ascents.
Medium weather forecast for Europe. Provides forecasting for precipitation, temperature and moisture. Also includes two-week forecasting.

University of Athens SKIRON weather forecasting model. Referring to Greece being accurate for the fall and winter months. Summer thunderstorms are often hard to predict. Displays many different meteorological parameters.

One of the most accurate websites for Mount Olympus weather. Give forecast for various elevations.

Greece's National Meteorological Society weather forecast website. Accurate and detailed. Provides useful information about hailstorms as well as many historical data and observations.

Instead of being used by the technology it should be wise that we use technology for have a better estimate about the weather during climbing, making in this way the climb on Mount Olympus safe and enjoyable.



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