Welcome on Mount Olympus Summits 360° project

I have been in many places on Olympus mountain in my teens, especially at low altitudes. Later, I started to walk on its trails each time a little bit more, following each time another path and facing a new side of the mountain. The last ten years ascents are very common due to work commitments but also relaxing weekends with friends.

I am always waiting for the day that I will put my bag in the back and, alone or with company, will head to the mountain. I am always amazed from Stefani first glance, always standing for a while at the top of Skourta summit to gaze at the neck. Where clouds hide the path for a while, to reveal it later together with a beautiful view... I always smile reaching the plateau of the Muses and I always make a circle around myself when I get on a high peak, gazing from there the rest of the world.

Many times, I have found myself thinking that a lot of my friends and people that I know, didn't have the opportunity to climb Olympus mountain yet. One day, while driving in my car I had this idea about showing the mountain to the world and then the project came up! My intention is to show a little of its beauty to all those who have not yet visited Olympus mountain yet and my own point of view to those who are frequent visitors.


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Posted by Babis Giritziozis

Babis Giritziozis
Canon Greece Ambassador - Adventure Photographer / The North Face® Greece Photographer 

Babis Giritziotis is a proffesional photographer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In the past he has collaborated with travel magazines in Greece and abroad, covering topics in various countries in Balkans, Europe and Africa for several years. Since 2008 he deals exclusively with mountain sports photography and video production. He collaborates with the majority of Greek mountain sports organizations and he has covered various events for significant companies related to the mountain activities field in Greece, Alps and Nepal. 

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